About Medical Language Lab

The Medical Language Lab is the interactive program that ensures mastery of medical language. Based on proven language methodology, it guides the learner from basic through advanced levels of proficiency to become fluent medical language speakers.

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Introducing the Medical Language Lab
Getting started in the Medical Language Lab
The Medical Language Lab Student Experience
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The Medical Language Lab Instructor Experience


A step-by-step process starts with listening and then advances to speaking and writing medical language to give practice and comfort with generating medical language - just as you will as a medical professional.

Custom & Customizable

The Medical Language Lab is custom created for each F.A. Davis medical terminology text, so the activities on the MLL perfectly reinforce the content in your text. As an instructor, you can customize classes, so it fits how you teach.

Meet Your Needs

It's about options. Use one of our books with the Medical Language Lab or choose Medical Terminology Complete, the complete online option within the MLL that includes an integrated e-book and lecture videos. Track progress with the integrated Gradebook.