The Medical Language Lab is custom designed for each text, so multiple MLL products are available.

Medical Language Lab (standard).

Use one of our textbooks with the MLL. Each new FA Davis Medical Terminology text includes an MLL access code in the front of the book.

Medical Terminology Complete.

Our complete online option within the MLL includes an integrated e-book and lecture videos.

Disclaimer: if you are part of an organized class, please see your instructor for the correct product to purchase. An organized class will either use the standard MLL with a textbook OR Medical Terminology Complete, as they are not compatible products when participating in a class on the MLL.

Gylys: Med Term Systems 8E (Med Lang Lab)
Gylys: Med Term Express 2E (Medical Language Lab only)
Gylys: Med Term Simplified 5e (Medical Language Lab)
Gylys Simplified: Med Term Complete
Finnegan: Med Lang Lab 2.0
Gylys Express: Med Term Complete - Online
Hull: Med Language (Medical Language Lab)
Gylys: Med Term Systems 7E (Medical Language Lab only)
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